Affirmations Are Food For the Soul

Positive Words, Powerful Results
by Jackie Rodriguez

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I used to believe that actions always speaks louder than words. In this area of life, action and words must have equal opportunity and importance.

Honestly, not every person has a “statement of affirmation” as their basic language, but all of us need affirming words. Supporting our children with words and deeds, we will eventually find out that our affirmation for them is sincere.

Affirmation is one of the most sensible way to boost our children’s heartwarming confidence and their gratification from the right things they do. Each good act our child does, big or small, is worthy to be recognized. Our children do well when they feel seen and appreciated.

We mustn’t be hesitant to praise them with comforting remarks. One mom was surprised by the effectiveness of her affirmations. As she tells it,

“I have been giving her admiration and kisses—when I first see her in the morning, when I bring her to her class, when I fetch her from school, and when we are ready to sleep at night. My daughter used to be problem child but something surprising take place instead of being naughty and disobedient my child’s bad behavior VANISHED. It worked!”

Here are three forms of affirmation that will work for you and your child.

Afiirmation Form 1 – Touch

A mom of three recounts,

“I did not express them the love or compliments that they should have received. I grieved myself to sleep in the hours of darkness because looking back, I couldn’t recall embracing my children when I arrived home from work and before going to bed. Now every single day, every single hour and every single minute, I make a point to kiss, hug, caress and lay a hand on their shoulder to confirm that they are secure and loved.”

As parents we can show warm hearted touch by carrying our child, pats on the back and giving high-fives.

Affirmation Form 2 – Praise

We should not be reluctant to compliment our child, particularly when he has accomplished favorable action, such as helping us with chores or getting high marks in school. A parent’s affirmation of a child’s perseverance breeds a passionate determination for him to continue his job.

We prove to our kids how much we value them by giving them praises everyday. We should show them that they are important to us always, without ifs or buts. When we see a child do a good deed or exhibit good behavior, we say, “I’m so proud of you!” “Good job!” and “Wow, that was really smart!”

Affirmation Form 3 – Acknowledge

Every child longs for the encouragement from their family that says, I believe in you. I see your effort. Keep going! So if our son or daughter is having a hard time working into something, say, “You’re trying very hard, and you almost have it!”

Acknowledgement helps children to gain a sense of their own accomplishments. By experiencing success, their self-confidence and positive attitude improve, even in the face of some problems and difficulties.

Allow children to do tasks for themselves, and appreciate their successful results. For example, allow young children to take on domestic jobs, such as sorting socks and putting away their toys. Then acknowledge their accomplishment.

Endless Possibilities

Affirmation has endless possibilities. Yet busy parents are often too distracted to take a heartfelt moment to appreciate their children; parents forget and take for granted the good actions. Let’s make it a habit to affirm our children daily.

There’s nothing more important than the delighted remarks and deeds of the parents for their children. When our children are filled with deep affection, appreciation, compliments, praise and peace of mind, they will someday have lots of love to shower on others as well.


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