Taming Tantrums, Part 1

The Most Surprising Secret by Laura Elston The closest most of us want to get to a tantrum is watching some other parent’s kid have a meltdown. When tantrums strike in our own homes, they’re shocking and seem difficult to solve. It’s happy news that these outbursts are curable, even when nothing you’ve tried so […] Read more »

Affirmations Are Food For the Soul

Positive Words, Powerful Results by Jackie Rodriguez I used to believe that actions always speaks louder than words. In this area of life, action and words must have equal opportunity and importance. Honestly, not every person has a “statement of affirmation” as their basic language, but all of us need affirming words. Supporting our children […] Read more »

Taming Tantrums, Part 2

A Short Guide To Prevention and Cure by Laura Elston Tantrums are frequent occurrences in children, who are still learning to handle their emotions. They also happen en masse in grown-ups who feel frustrated and powerless; then, they’re called riots. Both kinds of outbursts have the same basic cause: emotions that feel bigger than the […] Read more »

Forgiveness Rocks

Restore Your Authority With a Really Good Apology by Laura Elston Parents sometimes hesitate to apologize to their children, fearing that admitting parenting fails will destroy their credibility. Au contraire. Mistakes are part of every good life. Who better for children to learn this from than their parents? The valuable lesson that kids can learn from […] Read more »