Forgiveness Rocks – Restore Your Authority With a Really Good Apology

post-forgivenessParents often hesitate to apologize to their children, fearing that admitting parenting fails will destroy their credibility. Au contraire. Mistakes are part of every good life. Who better for children to learn this from than their parents?

The valuable lesson that kids can learn from you is how to …




Perfectly Fine Parenting

post-imperfect-parentingIf you had a perfect child, would you smile, would you brag, or would you run screaming from the room? If you said run screaming from the room, I’m with you.

Can you imagine the mind-numbing banality of living with a perfect child? It would be unbearable. It would also be creepy, which is probably why in horror movies, demonic children start out looking perfect. …



Stop Yelling and Get Cooperation

image-stop-yellingWe know that yelling is not good for our kids or for us. Still, we do it from time to time. We’re parents, not saints. We need effective tools to help us to stop yelling and get cooperation.

Read on for ten great tips on staying calm and quickly getting the behavior you want from your children.



Taming Tantrums – The Most Surprising Secret

post-taming-tantrums The advice given to desperate parents about tantrums by many experts is like fertilizer on a weed. What common child-management strategy can make the situation worse?

Read on to learn the most surprising secret about taming tantrums …