Perfectly Fine Parenting

by Laura Elston

Graphic of perfect children

If you had a perfect child, would you smile, would you brag, or would you run screaming from the room? If you said run screaming from the room, I’m with you.

Can you imagine the mind-numbing banality of living with a perfect child? It would be unbearable. It would also be creepy, which is probably why in horror movies, demonic children start out looking perfect.

You don’t want perfect kids. Kids don’t want perfect parents, either. They want real parents who love them for themseleves and who smile at them.

Take a little weight off your shoulders by reading Carrie Goldman’s true-life post, Top 10 Ways I Was a Perfect Mom Until I Had Kids. It begins,

Before I had kids, I possessed many ideas about what kind of parent I would be. Below are ten of those assumptions — and the reality that followed, post-kids.

1. I will not bribe my kids. They will behave because they have such great internal moral compasses, and complying will be what they want to do.

Reality: I will let you eat Hershey’s Kisses for breakfast if you stay in your bed tonight. I will take you anywhere you want to go if you will just stay in your bed tonight.

2. I will maintain appropriate boundaries in the bathroom.

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